371 wk7 forum
Based upon research of your state of residence or home state compare current training and selection criteria against criteria covered in the ASIS guide. What are the shortcomings and what recommendations would you suggest. The student must ensure the syllabus requirements for assignments are met. Reminder: 500 words minimum for initial post and 200 words for student responses. Initial posts are due no later than 11:55PM EST on Friday and student responses are due no later than 11:55PM EST on Sunday
370 wk7 forum/ the other thing with the slides is due next sunday
Thoroughly answer the two end of chapter critical thinking or review questions from this week’s assigned reading (one question from the end of each chapter). Your choice which two but one from each chapter).
Special Notes: Before answering first repeat the questions. Lastly ensure you use your course text book via in-text citations with a matching reference to support and enhance your answers. Additional outside (non-course text book) sources (properly cited and referenced per the APA) are highly encouraged for superior scores.
IMPORTANT / HELPFUL FORUM DISCUSSION NOTES: You will post one response to the forum discussion prompt and a minimum of two responses (more substantive responses for a superior score) to your classmates (or instructor if a follow-up question is asked) each discussion week (weeks 1 3 and 5 7). Single space only in forums. Importantly to keep everyone on the same sheet of music post only during the current course week (do not post in advance).
The response to each forum prompt must be a minimum of 500 words in length (excluding the directions questions quotations notes or references). Each of the required two responses to your classmates (or instructor) must be a minimum of 200 words in length.
Threats & Countermeasures Project Presentation:
Identify and explain three specific 21st century security threats discussed anywhere in our textbook. Secondly identify and relate countermeasures (security strategies tactics countermeasures etc.) to prevent and/or mitigate the specific threats.
Explain each of your three threats in three separate project sections (one for each threat). Each threat section of your project must be concisely titled with the name of the threat (e.g. Insider Threats; Perimeter Threats; etc.). Following each threat section a detailed and titled countermeasures sub-section must be included. Each countermeasure should be a third level sub-heading. For example ABC Threat (heading) Countermeasures (sub-heading) and then each specific countermeasure (third level sub-heading).
NOTE: Include extensive speaker notes on each slide. Speaker notes are just as you would be presenting the presentation to an audience. Lack of or inadequate speaker notes will result in a substantial deduction in your overall grade.
Mandatory Project Format (sequence and specific headings):
Slide 1:
Title slide (similar to an APA title page – title name date etc. but no running head)
Slide 2:Introduction (do not forget to introduce your project)
Slide 3 to as necessary:Threat #1 Title a specific threat (e.g. Insider Cyber Threats do use threat #1 or Insider Cyber Security – security is not a threat; be concise and ensure Threat is in the title). Do not use locations vulnerabilities or some other type of general research topic. Ensure each threat is specific (e.g. employee theft threats commercial robbery threats airline terrorism threats cargo theft threats insider cyber threats etc.) and not broad/general threats (e.g. internal threats external threats terrorism threats transportation threats cyber threats etc.).
Countermeasures (general introduction to your specific countermeasures to follow)
Specific Countermeasure (security strategy tactic etc. specific to the identified/discussed threat)

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